My Treat to You
Our economy is about to change forever. Since I started my Youtube-channel I have focused on educating people about crypto, blockchain and decentralization in order to prepare them for the transformation to come. When I launched the Ivan on Tech Academy I took this one step further by providing in depth courses about the most important areas of this technology. 

Regardless if you want to understand the fundamentals of Bitcoin or Ethereum, learn to program smart contracts or start trading - we have the resources you need to become an expert in this new economy. 

This Halloween, you have an exclusive chance to join me in the Academy for ONLY 10$ the first month. After the first month you will be subscribed for $49 per month. You can cancel at ANY time. 
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Get access to the Blockchain Academy 
a personal 1h Skype call with Ivan.
Get access to the Blockchain Academy 
a personal 1h Skype call with Ivan 
spend 1 day with Ivan in Stockholm (flights and accommodation at Grand Hotel Stockholm included)
Over 11.000 students have gone through the Ivan on Tech Academy, and we are proud to highlight our Student Testimonials. All testimonials are publicly available on our Facebook page.

"I recommend Ivan On Tech Academy because of his innovative and interactive approach to teaching and making information understandable for most people. Also Ivan is one of the most straight forward and honest person I found in this space."
-Guillaume Martin-Drouin
"Omg......seriously people. This is the first course I've signed up to and I'm completely blown away."
-Alan Dempsey
"This course is very well structured and will give you a good base of programming languages. Both Ivan & Filip explain it very clearly. I like the interactivity of the course..

There will be assignments and lots of tools so you can develop your own learning path. Also great that we have a community forum to learn from each other.
There is nothing similar of such high quality for that price in the Blockchain space today. It's worth the investment."
-Juliana Passos
"Worth every penny you can tell that the time was taken to put a course like this one together, that provides detail information but not to overwhelming even if you have no knowledge in crypto. definitely recommend it. Very very satisfied."
-Rolando Lam
Very high quality content. Recommended for everyone that wants to learn Blockchain technology to the fine detail."
-Aleš Ferlan
"I discovered Ivan On Tech on YouTube. Ivan's passion and magnitude of knowledge of crypto and blockchain are exceptional, and he educates in a way that all can understand. In fact, one of his missions is to educate the masses on crypto and blockchain to promote mass adoption of these disruptive technologies. So, the moment I saw that he was releasing a course I did not hesitate for a second to sign up. The way the course is organized and taught makes it easy for anyone to get started."
-Gabriel Moreno 
"I start and finish the 1st course and i really tought its an important tool for all the info compacted in one single course, it give me the tools i need to reoriented my plans has a miner and hodler, also it opens a new way to understand each and new use cases coins we have launching each and every day of the crypto space.

The GUI from the course its very well designed to keep everything very easily to reach and keep track of. I do love the assignments after each lecture."
-Carlos E Zambrano
"I would recommend this course to others who are curious and don't mind doing extra research in finding answers for themselves. Also, it connect you to other liked minded individuals in the Toshi Times community and in the crypto world. I'm very pleased with my investment in taking this course because I'm worth it Thanks Ivan."
-Joice Mack

Frequently asked questions
"Do I need to be a programmer to join the Academy?"
No, you will be able to start your journey with a programming bootcamp where you will learn all the programming basics you need in order to continue with other courses. All you need is the right mentality. 

"Why is this a subscription service? Why can't I just pay for 1 course?"
What sets the Ivan on Tech Academy apart from other services that offer online courses is that we offer an entire learning experience. That experience consist of a constant stream up up to date content, individual student support and learning track customization. We would not be able to provide that same holistic learning with individual courses. 

Our goal with the academy is to get you to graduate as fast as possible. Apart from the above reasons, the subscription model also helps students get that extra motivation to actually sign in, study and get things done. When you just buy a course for a one time fee, the chances of you dropping out is much larger. 

"Why would I pay for this when I can find everything for free on Youtube?"
The learning experience you get in the Academy cannot be compared to anything else out there. Youtube can bring you the information, even though it often is fragmented, outdated or hard to follow for beginners. We have spent the time to create a complete package that you can follow step by step, where we guide you by the hand and push you to learn and practice. 

"Why is the Ivan on Tech Academy so expensive in comparison to other online courses?"
We are aware that many people believe our Academy is expensive. But everyone who enroll realize quickly that this is crazy value for money (look at the testimonials). Our pricing is top of the line because our service offer a level of service no one else offer. If you are still in doubt, we have a 14 day money back guarantee. So try it out. If you don't like it you can get your money back, no questions asked. 

"Can I take your courses with a 9-5 job?"
All of the course material will be available in video format on an online teaching platform, where you will be able to log in and access the course material whenever you want. There are no fixed hours so anyone can take the course, regardless of your job situation. You will also get assignments and homeworks for you to do on your own, in order to solidify you knowledge.

"Can I really make money from this knowledge?"
We've seen it with our own eyes! Regardless if you're interesting in switching career field, investing or just exploring cutting edge technology, the knowledge you'll acquire here is unique, rare. After graduating from the Academy, you will be among the top 1% in terms of cryptocurrency and blockchain knowledge. It doesn't matter if you're in marketing, sales, technology, management or investing - adding this cutting edge technology to your resumé will bring you new exciting opportunity. 

"I already know a lot about this stuff, will it be too easy for me?"
No. Even though we have the resources to get people started from zero, it doesn't mean we don't teach more advanced topics. We offer a full range of tracks and courses, so that you can tailor a unique and challenging learning experience regardless of previous skill level. 
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